Amamiya Shyun (雨宮 駿あまみや しゅん, Amamiya Shyun; "Shyun Amamiya"), more commonly known as Oshyun (お駿しゅん, Oshyun; "Oshyun"), is a member of Ogun Union.


Oshyun has long, light-colored hair. She wears a tracksuit.


Oshyun is usually tired.



Oshyun fights Shuma Rei at Sanjou Ichiri's high school festival. Rei almost breaks Oshyun's shoulder, but Kraken steps in and interupts the fight. Oshyun, Kraken, and Kenyuu proceed to kidnap Rei after she admits she is Ichiri, since Obe needed to capture her.


Mental Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Oshyun practices boxing.


  • Ogun Tetsuma: Oshyun calls Tetsuma by the nickname "Tetsu-man." She is also aware of the meaning behind Tetsuma's different laughs.
  • Sendou Ryuudai: Oshyun knows about Ryuudai's overpossessive nature towards Tetsuma.
  • Kajiyama Jyousei: Jyousei tells Tetsuma that he asked Oshyun to go on Obe's mission, which saved her from Tetsuma's wrath. Jyousei and Oshyun also sit next to each other during the Brawlers Festival.
  • Kraken: Kraken gets a cut of Oshyun's pay, which pisses her off.

Notes & Trivia

  • Oshyun normally goes by Oshyun/お駿しゅん, even though her real name is just Shyun/駿しゅん.



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