The Memory of the Moon is the first chapter of Batuque and the first chapter of Volume 1.



Icchi recalls a vivid recurring memory as she skateboards to the YJ cornerstore, reuniting with an old friend from primary school and her friends. They all go to Tanuki park and play around. While there, a strange old man frightens the girls away after he comes up behind Icchi. On their way home, Icchi sees the girls off after she reveals she didn't have a mobile phone; before she goes, Eiko asks Icchi to join karate club with her.
Getting home, Icchi asks her mum whether she was born on the night of a full moon, because she kept getting mysterious feelings every time she sees one. While they are eating dinner, Icchi asks if she can do karate with Eiko but her father strongly refuses before breaking her skateboard.

Icchi goes to the store that Eiko's brother worked at so she could apologise for not being able to do karate with her. However, she arrives just as a man is attempting to rob the store with a knife. After Yuuto manages to disarm the robber, Icchi knocks him down by skating into him. However, the robber pulls out another knife and readies to attack until the old man from the park suddenly intervenes. Enraged, the robber attacks the old man but the latter evades all the robber's swipes with strange movements before knocking him clean out with an odd kick. Icchi watches on in wonder at the old man's display, with this being the start point of her journey of finding her true self.

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