Means of Survival is the seventy-fifth chapter of Batuque and the second chapter of Volume 8.



Noticing that her earlier attacks had caused some damage to Mèng, Icchi realised her capoeira was working and fought with renewed vigour, culminating in an eye poke...
Meanwhile, Obe and Sengoku come across Kenyuu's corpse, with Obe noting that if they use B.J. in the right way, he would benefit them.
Back in the ring, Icchi's eye poke feint is used to hit with another Galopante but Mèng resists her strike and shows her the proper way to knock someone out, before seemingly knocking Icchi out. B.J. informs Rei of the reasoning behind him making Icchi fight people while, in the ring, Icchi returns to her feet resolved to keep fighting.

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