Transformation is the seventy-sixth chapter of Batuque and the third chapter of Volume 8.



Resuming the fight (against the referee's wishes), Icchi thanks Mèng before unleashing an improved sequence of attacks on him, her peers noting her rapid improvements. Utilising Pao and evading a few more strikes, Icchi ends the fight by knocking Mèng down with her Rabo de Arraia.

After the fight, Jyungo shows his acknowledgement of Icchi's achievements. Meanwhile, Mèng is still unconscious with the medical assistance noting her looked drugged and asked whether the wound on his back came from before or after the fight in the ring. With a barely conscious Mèng reminiscing about the sacrifices his older brother made for his growth, he is loaded into the back of a van and told to be buried on Obe's orders...

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