The Legendary Outlaw is the seventy-seventh chapter of Batuque and the fourth chapter of Volume 8.



Souda worriedly asks Jyungo how much he had won on the last bet, with Jyousei suddenly appearing, giving Jyungo his winnings of ¥1million and adding he'd go all-in on the next fight. Souda is confused, until Jyungo explains what happened earlier when he ran into Ogun, Ryuudai, Jyousei and Kunimaru Hajime in the bathroom while searching for Mèng Yán.

With it being time for the next fight, Ryuudai steps into the ring and begins his "choosing time", where he picks the toughest looking outlaw to fight before fighting his allocated opponent. Picking Kunimaru, the latter muses that he was only good at fighting; on the sidelines, with Jyousei relaying the events in the toilet, Oshyun muses that if Tetsuma had set his sights on Kunimaru, it means he was dangerous. In the ring, Kunimaru seemingly lands the first hit, but ends up with a deep gash on his cheek. With Ryuudai revealing his true colours, he viciously attacks Kunimaru, causing blood to splatter everywhere, and psychotically tells Jyungo to get in the ring next...

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