In The Roda is the seventy-eighth chapter of Batuque and the fifth chapter of Volume 8.



Ryuudai calls for Jyungo to get in the ring, but an incredulous Kunimaru wonders why the fight had been stopped since he was only bleeding. Ryuudai goads him and and incited Kunimaru readies to go for him until Jyungo makes him lose his balance. With Kunimaru making an inquiring face, Jyungo asks him to let him face Ryuudai. Kunimaru notes Jyungo's nervousness and acknowledges that Jyungo was an interesting guy.

In the waiting area, Icchi is resting with Yukina and Eiko beside her; while resting, Icchi notes all the things one learns in a roda and acknowledges the feelings that Mèng had passed on to her. Meanwhile, having been escorted to be buried alive, Mèng is saved by the sneaky intervention of Camaleão.

Back in the ring, after learning a bit about what lethwei entailed, Jyungo's fight with Ryuudai begins, with the latter vehemently attacking with a vicious elbow strike.

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