Kajiyama Jyousei (梶山 丈青かじやま じょうせい, Kajiyama Jyousei; "Jyousei Kajiyama") is a member of Ogun Union.


Jyousei has light-colored, braided hair that goes up into a distinctive spike. He wears a vest and a vertically striped, extremely tight t-shirt. He has really prominent thighs. He usually carries a wooden hammer, which he uses to hit his fists. Due to this, his hands have an unnatural shape.


Jyousei is aggressive and straight to the point. He has an extreme hatred for full-contact character, which developed after a practitioner of it told Jyousei that traditional karate is for "cowards."[1]
He seems to have a caring side too, since he pushes the blame off of Oshyun when Ogun Tetsuma is angry at them for going behind his back. He also seems to care deeply for his sister and mother.

Jyousei is allergic to cats and even being around one will make him unwillingly cry immediately. Despite his allergies, he brought Translucent home to make his family happy. Meaning he is willing to put others over himself.


Jyousei was taught traditional karate at a dojo. At some point, he acquired a debt which caused him to quit karate and join Ogun Union.

Sendou Ryuudai says he taught Jyousei how to fight.


Jyousei fights Kai Kei for his job that Obe Nobunari requested him to do. He also goes to Sanjou Ichiri's high school festival and fights Hirota Rua.


Mental Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Jyousei practices traditional karate.


  • Ogun Tetsuma: Jyousei seemed nervous when he had to go behind his back.
  • Sendou Ryuudai: Ryuudai taught Jyousei how to fight.
  • Amamiya Shyun: Jyousei tells Tetsuma that he asked Oshyun to go on Obe's mission, which saved her from Tetsuma's wrath. Jyousei and Oshyun also sit next to each other during the Brawlers Festival.
  • Aya: Aya braids his hair.

Notes & Trivia


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