Sako Toshio (迫 稔雄, Sako Toshio; "Toshio Sako") is a Japanese mangaka and the mangaka of Batuque. He is also the mangaka of the acclaimed series Usogui.


Sako-sensei was born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture. After graduating high school he took a job as a barber. When he was around 28-years old, he aspired to be a cartoonist and became Hinata Takeshi's assistant at no charge, learning a great deal.

He trains under Tokoro Hideo at Tokoro-Plus gym in boxing and has competed in boxing matches. He is also a proficient and ranked capoeirista.

Sako-sensei is a married man and his blood type is B.


  • 2005: "Usogui" has an honorable mention award at the 48th Young Jump Monthly Manga Grand Prix. In the same year, the work is published in issue 48 of Weekly Young Jump.
  • 2006: The serialization of Usogui starts in Weekly Young Jump from issue #24.
  • 2018: The serialization of Batuque starts in Weekly Young Jump from issue #31.

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