Sanjou Ichiri (三條 一里さんじょう いちり, Sanjō Ichiri; "Ichiri Sanjou"), known by most by the nickname "Icchi" (いっち, Itchi), is the main protagonist of Batuque. After meeting a mysterious old man and learning capoeira from him, she became a growing capoeirista thrust into the midst of an upcoming inheritance war by B.J.


Icchi is a cheerful looking middle-schooler with medium-length auburn-coloured wavy hair and a generally bright facial expression.

After entering high school at 15, Icchi had cut her wavy hair short. As a result of constant training she had also developed a visibly toned physique, which has been noticed by her peers.[2] Over time, Icchi has let her hair grow out again.

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She is an inquisitive individual with a natural affinity for the flowing nature of capoeira. Her moods are very susceptible to change, especially in regards to the ever-changing musicality of rodas and the air of combat.




Physical Abilities

Icchi is a moderately powerful capoeirista, able to adequately combat and overwhelm other martial artists around her age despite them having practiced martial arts for longer periods of time than her. Having learned the basics of capoeira from Mestre Buscapé and gained more knowledge from Lua-sensei, she becomes more proficient in the style with every day.


As a capoeirista, Icchi has acquired several capoeira techniques that she has utilised in combat, including:


  • Aruna & Pedro: Even after finding out she was not related to either of them, Icchi still treats them as her family, willing to put herself in danger just to keep them safe.
  • Saeki Eiko: Her first proper friend, they went to the same primary school in Hiroshima and met again in middle school.[3] The two have a strong sisterly bond.
  • Futaba Jyungo:
  • Mestre Buscapé:
  • B.J.: Icchi has an antagonistic relationship with B.J., complying with his demands in order to keep her adoptive parents safe.

Notes & Trivia

  • Icchi has been noted to make a funny face when she is eating.[4]


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