Sanjou Isao (三條 勲さんじょう いさお, Sanjō Isao; "Isao Sanjou") is the boss of Lança Mortal and the biological father of Sanjou Ichiri. He is praised as the reincarnation of the legendary Besouro Mangangá.[1]


Isao is a handsome and subtly powerful looking individual with fair skin, Asiatic eyes with kitsune-like eyebrows, subtle tear troughs and dark hair set into styled braided dreadlocks. He has always been seen wearing a smart pinstriped suit.

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He is assumed to have an influential and magnetic personality, having been able take over a rival gang after initially been held hostage by them.


Isao was the lover of Sanjou Hiromi, the daughter of Manoel the boss of "Bandeira" (a rival gang to Lança Mortal). Manoel wanted to keep her away from the organization, so he allowed the two to marry and sent them to Japan; there they gave birth to a child they named "Sanjou Ichiri".[2] Lança planned on kidnapping the two to gain an advantageous position over Bandeira, so they sent B.J. However, the Sanjous resisted, so B.J. captured Icchi and raised her as a hostage in order to force the Sanjous into obedience.[3]

During Isao's forced work with Lança, they found out he was a capoeirista who was a student of the revered Mestre Cobrinha Dourada (a mestre who was a disciple of the legendary Besouro Mangangá); due to this, Isao started to gather and attract people around him at a startling rate, eventually culminating in him dominating and leading Lança Mortal.[4]

Because B.J. had been the one to kidnap him and his daughter, Isao had the man's left leg cut off after he became the boss of Lança.[5][6]


At some point during the storyline, Isao announced that he would be retiring in 5 years and would endow all of his money and properties to his children; however, he would only give his possessions to the strongest of his children, thus igniting the inheritance war.[7]

In the favelas of Brazil, Isao dropped out of the sky and ambushed a gang rival alongside his eldest daughter Aguri. He asked why she acted without his permission and Aguri replied that she was only helping to increase their wealth, adding that it would soon be hers. Isao replied that it would have to wait until she had won the inheritance ceremony eliciting Aguri to state that she couldn't possibly lose and that she was his only daughter now; with Isao glaring at her for the comment, Aguri apologised.[8]


Physical Abilities

Being a direct-line disciple to the legendary Besouro Mangangá, it can be assumed that Isao is a very powerful capoeirista. Back in the favelas of Brazil, he was shown to able to deftly descend from a hang-glider and gun down the men attacking him without any visible effort.[9]


  • B.J.: Isao bore a grudge against B.J. for kidnapping him and his daughter and eventually had the man's leg cut off after becoming the boss of Lança Mortal.[5][6]

Notes & Trivia

  • Isao has three children, all of whom have different mothers:
    • Aguri, his daughter who he fathered with his ex-wife before Hiromi. She was 15 years old at the announcement of Isao's inheritance war.[10]
    • Sanjou Ichiri, his daughter who he fathered with Sanjou Hiromi.
    • An unknown third child who was born after Pedro and Aruna went into hiding with Icchi. This child was 10 years old at the announcement of Isao's inheritance war.[10]


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